Autopsy of Zombie-Face-Eater Revealed No Human Flesh in His Stomach, But Unidentified Pills

on Monday, 11 June 2012. Posted in Breaking News, Bath Salts

bath salts zombie attack

Miami's "zombie-attacker's" autopsy reveals unidentified pills in his stomach, but no presence of human flesh. According to, the autopsy revealed that there was no human flesh in the attacker's stomach although it was found in his teeth, indicating he ripped the face off, but did not actually "eat" him.

There were also unidentified pills in his stomach. Media reports swirled around the subject of bath salts, and the toxicology reports are still pending. It could take weeks to identify what drug these capsules found in the stomach contained. Bath salts would generally not be found in a capsule form, but a full autopsy report would reveal whether the attacker was taking them or not.

The attacker's funeral was held this past Saturday, while his victim remains in the hospital. Poppo, the victim, has undergone a number of skin grafts to repair his damaged face.

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