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Augusta Pharmacy Robbed For OxyContin

on Wednesday, 20 June 2012. Posted in Breaking News, Oxycontin

oxycontin robbery

Two men are being charged with robbery after a CVS was held up Monday. Michael Pierce, 32, and Jeffery Hodgkins, 31, were arrested in relation to the hold up.

According to Detective Sgt. Matthew Clark of the Augusta Police Department, a man wearing dark clothing, a wig, and fake beard entered the CVS Monday night, presented a note and began demanding OxyContin. The pharmacy employees were given a window of time to present the pills, or the man would begin shooting. “But he never displayed a weapon,” said Clark.

The man took off running, making off with a “significant” supply of OxyContin. Police called a K-9 to track the robber, but was unsuccessful.

An investigation was opened and police were led to Pierce’s home Tuesday morning, where they arrested Jennifer Dowling, 30, for illegal possession of prescription drugs.

Police then followed up on a possible suspect from a previous pharmacy robbery, which was also reported to be wearing a wig and fake beard during the robbery.

Pierce’s vehicle was spotted on shortly after the robbery, parked suspiciously in a K-mart parking lot by detectives. Inside the vehicle were Pierce, Hodgkins, and Downing. One of the detectives reports noticing Hodgkins’ clothing matched the description from the robbery.

Hodgkins was brought in for questioning, and later arrested.

Further investigation, along with evidence taken from the CVS, led to a search warrant of Pierce’s home. After hours of searching the home, Pierce was placed under arrest, and taken to Kennebec County jail where he was being held under a $10,000 cash bail.

Hodgkins and Dowling are being held under $5,000 cash bail.

With a large demand of drugs like OxyContin on the street, it is clear that some people will go to extremes to obtain them. This case is a prime example of what lengths people will go to.

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