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Are You Putting 100% Into Your Recovery?

on Monday, 07 January 2013. Posted in Voices in Recovery, Breaking News

Committed To Recovery

Alexandra Rose

Ask yourself the question if you are giving one hundred percent into your recovery as you did your using. I know for me that if I am not giving one hundred percent I feel irritable and discontent. This isn’t a program for people who need it or want it but for those who work it.

When I was a junkie I gave one hundred percent into obtaining my next fix. I would do anything just to get high and it was what I worked hardest for in my life. That was my main focus and nothing else mattered. I’m sure that every one of us addicts and alcoholics also put one hundred percent in acquiring the next high or drunk.

So why not take that energy and put it towards recovery? When we set our minds to something we can accomplish it.

There have been times where I didn’t go to a meeting as I used the excuse that I didn’t want to walk in the rain. My sponsor would ask me, “Would you have walked in the rain to get your drugs?” My reply was “absolutely.” When I just don’t feel like going to a meeting for whatever reason I ask myself if I ever just didn’t want to get high. Of course the answer is always no because I always wanted to get high. I enjoy when my sponsor or another alcoholic questions my intentions because it puts me in my place. There are no excuses to not go to a meeting or work a program diligently because when we were using there were no excuses to not get high. When my sponsor uses examples like this it really makes me take a look at myself.

The amount of years of sobriety one has doesn’t make a difference in working a program one hundred percent or not. Having a lot of years doesn’t mean they can “take it easy” because they are cured from alcoholism. None of us are recovered from alcoholism but are continually recovering. We all have just one day today and just for today I am going to work my program one hundred percent.

So when I try and justify not doing something that is part of my recovery I take a look back at what I did to get my next fix. Just because I am sober doesn’t mean that I am guaranteed to not relapse.

Although, knowing that I am working a program one hundred percent today makes me feel that I will go to sleep sober tonight.

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