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Another Face-Biting Incident That Could Be a Result of Bath Salt Intoxication

on Wednesday, 06 June 2012. Posted in Breaking News, Bath Salts

Bath Salts Addiction

Another violent face biting attack occurred in Louisiana, also attributed to bath salts. According to, this violent attack in Scott is eerily similar to the recent face-eating incident in Miami.

Scott Assistant Police chief, Kert Thomas, said, "During the attack, the suspect bit off a chunk of the victim's face off." Police say that 43-year-old Carl Jaquneaux knew the victim and was disgruntled by a domestic issue. The victim was working in his front yard when he was attacked. He was shocked when the attacker bit his face. The victim then sprayed wasp spray in the attacker's face.

Jaquneaux left and showed up at another acquaintance's house where he held this second victim up at knifepoint and stole a handgun. That is when deputies caught up with him. Thomas said, "Very unusual, it's not something we see everyday."

This unusual behavior could be attributed to drugs, and according to police. Jaquneaux was clearly under the influence of some kind of drug. A friend of the victim said she believes he was using bath salts. Police claim this drug can put the user in a state of excited delirium often coupled with dangerous behavior. Thomas said, "Extremely dangerous, a lot more dangerous than some of the drugs on the street." Police may never really know if Jaquneaux was under the influence of bath salts, as no blood tests were performed when he was booked in jail.

Jaquneaux was charged with aggravated battery, simple battery of the infirm, violation of probation, aggravated second degree battery, and violation of protective orders. He remains in jail. The first victim was released from the hospital and is recovering at home.

Often times, bath salts are used by people who are on probation because it does not show up on a drug test.

If you know someone struggling with bath salts addiction, please click here for more information.

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