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Amanda Bynes Arrested for Suspicion of DUI

on Thursday, 16 October 2014. Posted in Breaking News

Child actor Amanda Bynes has run into legal trouble yet again after she was arrested on suspicion of a DUI in Sherman Oaks, CA. The young starlet was taken into custody after police arrested her for not being able to pass a field sobriety test.

The troubled star was allegedly questioned by police officers after she stopped her white Mercedes SUV in the middle of an intersection. The young actress was then arrested for being under the influence of a drug of some type.

This is not the first time Bynes has faced legal trouble for driving under the influence. In 2012 she was taken into custody after crashing into a police car in Los Angeles. Bynes has made headlines in recent years because of her erratic behavior and surprising outbursts on twitter. Last year, she was placed on psychological hold after she started a fire in her parent's neighborhood.

Mental Health and Drug Abuse

Bynes has not publicly stated that she suffers from a mental health disorder like schizophrenia or bipolar disorder, but she has exhibited a number of symptoms that correspond with these disorders. If Bynes does in fact suffer from one of these mental health disorders, she may be one of the thousands of people suffering from what is referred to as coexisting disorders.

Coexisting disorders essentially refers to the situation that occurs when a person suffers from more than one mental health issue; and this frequently refers to addiction and another mental health disorder. Addiction often occurs in those who struggle with depression or bipolar disorder, and those who are actively using drugs and alcohol often struggle with addiction.

Relapse is Not Uncommon

If Bynes is in fact using drugs or alcohol once again, she may be exhibiting an issue that many recovering addicts deal with. Many individuals who struggle with sobriety relapse at one point or another.

Sobriety is a life long process that requires access to resources that facilitate a person's spiritual and emotional growth, as well as a a commitment by the recovering addict to stay active in the recovery community and to maintain a relationship with their therapist. When a recovering addict does not work to maintain their sobriety or does not have adequate access to therapy and twelve step programs, they are at a risk for relapse.

Often, an addict who relapses believes that because they have not used for a certain period of time, they no longer need to make an effort to maintain their sobriety.

Celebrity and Mental Health Disorders

If Amanda Bynes does in fact have a mental health disorder like bipolar disorder, it is likely that the constant media scrutiny she is facing is acting as a detrimental force in her recovery. While Bynes has been widely criticized and mocked for her erratic behavior, very little of the media focus on her story has drawn attention to the serious nature of mental illness.

Fame brings with it its own set of challenges in recovery, as famous individuals are often not given the same space and privacy to reflect and get healthier that non-famous recovering addicts are often able to take advantage of, especially at the beginning of their recovery. Recovery is a major challenge for any revering addict, and the initial stages of getting sober especially require a great deal of support from those around them.

It seems likely that the constant attention that Ms. Bynes is the subject of may have a very damaging effect on her ability to grow as a person and to work toward sobriety as well as her total mental and physical health.


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