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Alcoholic Dies From Drinking CD Cleaner

on Monday, 28 May 2012. Posted in Breaking News, Alcohol

Alcohol Addiction

An alcoholic New Zealand man, with a history of mental illness is dead after drinking CD cleaner, as reported by the coroner. According to, the man was found dead at a boarding house in November, although the findings by the coroner were recently released.

The report states that the man probably died several days before he was found, as a result of isopropyl alcohol ingestion. An empty bottle of the substance, which was intended for cleaning CDs, was found on the computer desk in the room. The man's receipts indicated he had also purchased 25 bottles of wine in the last 17 days of his life.

Venlafexine, a drug prescribed for major depression, was also found in his system, along with indications of the presence of anti-psychotic medications. An Environmental Science and Research (ESR) report claimed it would be impossible to know how all the substances would react in the body.

The coroner did not consider the death to be a suicide. He said, "The family of Baj Morris believe that there is every likelihood, that as an outcome of his intoxication, Baj Morris may very well have experimented with drinking isopropyl alcohol without fully recognizing the risks associated with this course of action."

The coroner hopes that by releasing these findings, similar deaths can be prevented. He said, "Those drinking to excess and consuming products not designed to be consumed do so at their own peril."

National Addiction Centre specialist Doug Sellman said people ingest solvents, such as this, for the same reasons they use ethanol, which is alcohol. He said, "It would seem that Mr. Morris had a significant addiction to ethanol and this addiction would extend to other alcohols such as isopropyl alcohol. Ethanol is much, much more important from a public health prescriptive and as a drug it is more toxic and carcinogenic than isopropyl alcohol, although coma can be induced with isopropyl alcohol quicker than ethanol."

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