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Addiction As A Comfort Zone

on Thursday, 17 March 2016. Posted in Breaking News

Addiction As A Comfort Zone

Overcoming an addiction is something that requires effort, motivation, and a true desire to make change happen in one's life. Simply acknowledging that addiction is destroying your life is often not enough to make a change.

This is because addiction becomes a comfort zone that makes the thought of change frightening and overwhelming. A person becomes psychologically and physically dependent on drugs to the point where living life without them seems impossible. For an addict, recovery is truly a venture into the unknown.

Other ways an addiction is a comfort zone is in the way that life with drugs or alcohol can seem perfectly normal. This is especially true with people who have been abusing drugs or alcohol for decades. They have forgotten what life is like without drinking or getting high. It may even seem that recovery will make their lives worse.

The thought of being sober can also seem boring, depressing, and generally unappealing. Recovery will sound more like a trap than a chance to make true happiness, freedom, and fulfillment happen. This is what makes taking that first step toward sobriety so difficult for so many people.

Other factors that make addiction a source of comfort.

Denial plays a big role in making addiction a comfort zone that is hard to escape. Denial is what causes an addict to come up with a variety of excuses for their behavior, lifestyle, and sources of conflict in their lives. Friends, families, coworkers, and others are the ones who take the blame for everything. An addict falls into patterns of denial because they simply are unable to see how destructive their substance abuse has become.

Having a social group that supports their addiction is another factor that makes abusing drugs or alcohol a comfort. These can be friends or others who also abuse drugs or alcohol, or people who are enablers. Walking away from that kind of social support makes recovery seem even more daunting.

It also means walking away from addiction will involve ending relationships with a whole group of people. Even if the majority of those relationships are dysfunctional, they will still feel comfortable and familiar, and especially hard to break.

Hitting "bottom" and breaking out of addiction's comfort zone.

In many cases, it takes a person hitting their "bottom" in order to realize the seriousness of their addiction and the need to finally make a change. Even then, an addict may not want to go into recovery because they are so deep in denial.

Nevertheless, hitting a bottom means breaking the illusion of the comfort addiction provides. Even after this occurs, a person will need to continue to have the motivation to change and step out into the unknown where things will feel uncomfortable and frightening.

There are some methods a person can increase their motivation and begin to escape the comforts of addiction. Some of them include:

-Educating themself about recovery. This makes the possibility of getting sober seem a lot less frightening and more attainable. There are numerous paths to recovery out there. Simply reading about them or listening to the stories of others can be very valuable.

-Spending time with people in recovery is also a good idea. Using these people as examples can raise motivation.

-Talking to a therapist about addiction is another way to warm up to the idea of recovery. A therapist provides a private and safe space to talk about any concerns about getting sober.

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