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Addict Cost Pharmaceutical Company By Contaminating Medicine

on Tuesday, 29 May 2012. Posted in Breaking News, Prescription Drugs

Prescription Drug Addiction

A codeine addict who contaminated packets of Nurofen Plus to fund his habit is due to be sentenced. According to Local.stv in Glasgow, Christopher McGuire placed strips of an anti-psychotic drug in empty packets of the painkiller and swapping them for new packets at the pharmacies.

By asking for the Nurofen Plus at the counter and then trying to pay with a card he knew would be declined, he created a distraction so he could discreetly swap the contaminated packet for the fresh one and walk away. Christopher took 32 tablets a day, feeding his secret addiction until he lost his job and found himself struggling to pay for his habit. He began replacing the empty packets of Nurofen with Seroquel, which he was prescribed for schizophrenia.

The strong anti-psychotic fell into the hands of unsuspecting members of the public. Some were left feeling ill after taking this drug. Two men took the drug while working, for minor back pain and ended up feeling dizzy an every tired. Eventually, an assistant at the pharmacy discovered the switch had been made.

Police tracked down the origin of the Seroquel, which lead to Christopher's arrest. He admitted his actions, as well as admitting to feeling "terrified" when this health scare hit the headlines, "not knowing what to do or who to speak to." So, he did nothing, hoping the matter would resolve itself. Prosecutor Alexandra Felix said, "He said he hoped people would notice and return the items to the store. He didn't think about the consequences of his actions or the effect on members of the public."

If you know someone struggling with prescription drug addiction, click here for more information.

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