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7 Things That Need To Change In Sobriety

on Monday, 06 October 2014. Posted in Breaking News

Because sobriety is all about transformation, it is important to understand that there are a number of things that must necessarily change once you begin to lead your new healthy and sober life. Here are ten things that must change in sobriety.

1. Making Excuses
As with any major accomplishment, getting sober is all about taking responsibility for your own actions. Once you have decided to get sober, it is important that you take control of your own happiness and stop making excuses. This means no longer putting of tasks or avoiding uncomfortable feelings.

2. Allowing Toxic Influences
Substances themselves are not the only toxic thing that an addict may allow in his or her life. Most addicts are also in the habit of allowing themselves to be around people who are negative or who lead them to feelings of anger or sadness, which put an addict at a high risk for using.

3. Not Making Yourself A Priority
At the core of many addictions is a lack of love for oneself. Low self image is very closely tied to depression, which puts an addict at a great risk for using. It is important that you engage in activities and surround yourself with people who remind you that you deserve to be happy.

4. Not Following Through On Plans
Getting sober is a long term goal that requires strength, dedication, and resolve. Once you have decided to get sober, it is important that you follow through on the things that will help you on your path to sobriety. This means keeping all of your therapy appointments and showing up to all of your meetings.

5. Letting Fear Take Over
It is no surprise that the process of getting sober can be quite daunting at times. It is never easy to make a major life change, and actually experiencing the sensation of strong emotions can be quite a jolt to your system after years if numbing emotions with drugs or alcohol. In sobriety, it is important to face the emotion of fair head on without shying away from it.

6. Lying to Yourself and Others
Sobriety is the process of reconnecting with your true self and getting to the root of who you really are as a person. In order to successfully maintain a sober life, it is important that you become accustomed to the process of being honest about how you really feel and what your motivation behind certain actions is. This also means being as honest as possible with the people in your support system, including your family, therapist, and others in your twelve step program.

7. Letting Other People Determine How You Feel
Anyone who has experienced addiction knows that one of the hardest things about living with it is constantly feeling that you are not in control. In sobriety, you will finally work toward the realization that you are in fact in control of your life. This means making a habit of doing things that emphasize your sense of autonomy. One important way of doing this is to stop allowing other people's opinions of you dictate how you feel about yourself. The more confidence you cultivate in yourself, the better equipped you will be to maintain your happiness, regardless of the behavior and words of others.


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