6 Reasons Why Using The Tools Provided In Recovery Can Prevent Drug Relapses

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Tips To Prevent Drug Relapse

There are many people dealing with addictions that hope to make it through their problems alone. They think they have the power and the ability to recover without professional help but in these situations, the chances of relapse are much higher than any other. In a rehab center you are provided with important tools that make it possible to become sober with very little chance of relapsing. It is one thing to abstain from drug use for a period of time; it is another to be able to maintain that level of abstinence for the rest of your life. Being able to stay sober requires careful vigilance and important skills that you can only develop with the help of professionals at a rehab recovery center.

Rehab Teaches You How to Be Abstinent-
The first and most important thing that you will learn in a rehab center is what it feels like to be sober. You will learn how to stay away from drugs for a period of time and it can be much easier to accomplish this in a rehab center where you are away from temptation and surrounded by helpful support. Being abstinent from drug use on your own can be a rocky road and you may not be able to get it right the first time. In a rehab center you can experience withdrawal and the period afterward in an environment that will make it a much more smooth transition. After leaving rehab you will have more familiarity with what life is like as a sober person.

You Learn the Ability to Avoid Risky Situations-
In a rehab center you are given the tools to both identify and avoid situations that could put you at risk for relapse. Without rehab you might not be aware enough to steer clear of these kinds of issues. Certain people, places, things or even emotions might remind you of your past abuse and put you in a vulnerable state of mind that could endanger you. Having the skills to know what these triggers are is an important part of remaining sober.

You Will Have Better Communication Skills-
In the process of recovery, many of the issues dealt with in rehab are emotional problems. Addicts can sometimes have poor communication skills and struggle with being open about their feelings. Learning communication skills can not only help improve your relationships, it can help you prevent relapse by making your life more stable. The better you are able to deal with your emotions and connections with others, the more likely you are to avoid relapse.

You Can Benefit from Self-Awareness–
In most recovery centers, the work that you do in therapy and in support groups can help you build up your self-awareness. This can be an important tool in maintaining self-control and stopping yourself when you are triggered to use again.

You Develop Honesty and Accountability–
While in rehab, you are forced to be honest probably for the first time in years. Addicts begin lying to others and themselves when they are struggling with substance abuse. In recovery you can finally be honest and completely accountable for your actions which are things that can be crucial in preventing relapse.

Rehab Helps you Cope with Stress–
One of the biggest factors that can lead to relapse is a growing level of stress. In recovery, you learn the tools that can help you deal with stress in a productive way and still remain sober. You will have the skills to relax in times of stress and find alternative methods of coping with your emotional problems instead of turning back to your addiction.

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