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5 Ways Treatment Changes Your Perspective

on Tuesday, 14 October 2014. Posted in Breaking News

Recovering from drug and alcohol addiction is an incredibly transformative experience that changes virtually everything about the way an addict perceives and experiences the world. When a person is addicted to drugs or alcohol, they very frequently find that their priorities shift so that they are entirely consumed with using.

They may also find that they lose track of the ideas and beliefs that they once held dear. In order to successfully recover from drug and alcohol addiction, it is necessary for a recovering addict to make serious changes the the way they see themselves and the life they lead. Here are five ways that recovery changes your perspective and thus your entire world view.

1. You Realize That You Have a Role in Every Conflict

When you were using drugs and alcohol, it was very easy to blame others for your problems or to remain angry or bitter by using drugs or alcohol to numb your feelings rather than working through them. Once in treatment, however, you realize that you have a role in every conflict in your life.

Rather than immediately placing blame on others, you begin to consider your own level of responsibility in any given situation. Even when you have been mistreated by someone, you begin to assess your decision to keep that person in your life.

2. You Cultivate a Sense of Gratitude

Gratitude is a big part of recovery and being a recovering addict because of the important role it plays in helping you to realize that you have many reasons for staying sober and many people who are there to support you on your quest to get and stay healthy. In recovery, you start to become very aware of the things that you may have taken for granted before, and you develop a strong desire to protect the good things in your life.

3. You Realize Your Own Power

Recovering from addiction is by no means a simple or easy process. When a person is in the process of recovering, they get in touch with their strongest and most powerful version of themselves. Overcoming the challenges that are inherent to recovery means becoming aware of your own strength and your ability to achieve great things.

One of the many serious problems presented by addiction is that it makes an addict feel powerless against their desire to use. Realizing that you are in fact a strong and able person opens the door to accomplishments that never seemed possible.

4. You Understand the Importance of Helping Others

There is no question that fellowship and community are crucial aspects of recovery. Being a key part of the recovery community not only means that you have a built in support system of people who are sensitive to your needs and the nature of your recovery.

It also means that you begin to see the real value in being available to those around you. Serving others and being a good friend to those in need helps you to see that you have an important role in the life of those around you and that you have the ability to change the world around you for the best.

5. You Accept That There Are Some Things You Cannot Change

Often, whether they realize it or not, an addict uses because they are frustrated about things that they have no control over, so they attempt to control things by using. In recovery, you realize that you do not have control over many things and you learn to come to peace with that. You realize that the only thing you can truly control is your own actions and thoughts.


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