5 Ways Family Support Can Help Break The Cycle Of Addiction

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Addiction Is A Family Disease

Recovery is a process that requires a huge amount of work and faith on the part of an addict who is taking the steps necessary to lead a clean and healthy lifestyle. Many addicts may find themselves frustrated and discouraged by the struggles presented by the recovery process and may have become especially disheartened after relapsing or facing another serious threat to sobriety. While it is ultimately on the addict himself who can stay clean, having a strong family support system can be the deciding factor in helping an addict finally stay healthy and sober for good. Here are 5 ways family support can help break the cycle of addiction.

1. Family Can Offer Reassurance When An Addict is Feeling Doubt
There are many points during recovery during which any addict is likely to feel self doubt and fear that they will not be successful in their quest to maintain sobriety. Recovery requires hard work and patience, as well as a tremendous amount of discipline. A strong family support system can be an invaluable tool in giving an addict the reassurance they need to keep going.

2. Feeling That Others Care For Them Can Give an Addict a Reason to Stay Clean
Many addicts at several times in their quest for sobriety face moments when they feel sensations of low self worth or a general sense of hopelessness. This can often mean that an addict does not feel a strong urge to stay healthy at times because their own well being is not reason enough to work through the struggles of sobriety. The desire to stay healthy for a family that believes in them can be wonderful motivation.

3. A Support System Can Help Facilitate Positive Life Choices
The time after rehab can be difficult for addicts for a number of reasons. Facing a new sober life means going through a major transition, and often picking up the pieces of the life choices made while an addict was using. Although enabling an addict while they were using only helps slow their progress, offering help in the initial stages of sobriety can help a recovering addict do things like find a job and create an otherwise stable living situation.

4. Family Remembers the Addict Before They Began to Use
Addiction can drastically alter a person’s behavior, to the point that many loved ones of addicts find that their family member has become unrecognizable. While an addict is using, it is very common for them to befriend only other addicts or people who otherwise enable them. After leaving recovery, many addicts are not able to maintain contact with the friends they had while using, and may have severed ties with other people they once counted as friends. Family, however, knows the addict outside of their addiction and can offer a recovering addict a second shot at rebuilding relationships.

5. Family Can Help A Recovering Addict Feel Supported and Stable
One of the keys to success in life after rehab is cultivating a sense of balance and stability. While an addict is using, their life often becomes highly unstable, and instability can lead to emotional highs and lows, which are often major triggers for using. Family is a familiar organization that can help an addict achieve the peace of mind and general sense of well being that is necessary to build a life free of questionable and unhealthy decisions. Simply knowing that they are supported by dependable and loving people can help an addict continue to make the choices that will lead to better living conditions and a long happy drug and alcohol free future.

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