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5 Truths Of Addiction Treatment

on Thursday, 28 August 2014. Posted in Breaking News

5 Truths Of Addiction Treatment

When it comes time for someone to get off of an addiction and end the vicious cycle that it brings on, the best way to get started with this is to first go into a detox facility. In detox, the physical addiction will be remedied through the help of medications and care from the individuals who work there. Detox typically does not take too long- a few weeks at most- and from there it is common for someone to go from a detox facility into the care of a treatment facility.

1. You Are Not Alone

In treatment, a recovering addict or alcoholic will find that they are not alone in their addiction. They will begin to break out of the isolation that an addiction can bring on through the help of certified counselors and other patients who are present in the treatment center as well. Socializing will begin to happen again, friends will start to be made, and the recovering addict will start to feel like a member of the human race again.

It is common for people in treatment centers to begin to attend 12-step meetings pertaining to their addiction in groups from the centers. They go out into the world and attend meetings, seeing others who are in recovery, living on their own, healthy and happy and usefully whole.

2. There Is A Future

From this, a recovering addict will start to get the idea that there is the possibility of a good life without drugs or alcohol. One might think that this should be obvious, because people don't go into treatment for an addiction because things are good and going alright. But keep in mind that when someone is deep in an addiction, it is hard to see any other possibilities out there for living. Attending 12-step meetings and seeing others who have had the same problems, fears and insecurities now living free of them will help the newly recovering addict learn that they can be the same way, and that there can be hope.

3. Tools For Living

In treatment, with the right counseling, a newly recovering addict will start to learn ways to live a normal, healthy life. They may be re-learning things that they knew at one point but have since lost, or learn new things that they never knew before. These types of things can be like how to manage finances, maintaining a normal sleep schedule, looking for a job, writing a resume, and so on. And the tools that are learned in treatment do not only pertain to domestic living, but sober living too. How to identify sick thinking, spot triggers for a possible relapse, what kinds of people and places to avoid are just a few of the types of things that are tauight to someone who is in treatment.

4. The Right Place To Be

All addiction treatment centers are different. Some are good, and some are not so good. The types of treatment centers that one will want to be in are the places that have certified counselors there to help, good connections with 12-step meetings and resources outside of the center itself such as sober living areas, and ones that make sure that the person who is coming in to live at the treatment center knows exactly what they are getting right up front. The kind of places that should be avoided are the ones that are lacking in all of these areas, and might just be in business for the profit of it versus actually helping people.

5. Learn Everything You Can

While in treatment, the recovering addict would do well to take in as much as they possibly can while they have the resources available to use. Treatment does not always stick for certain types of people, for relapse after going back out into the real world is a sad and real possibility. One should try to avoid old friends who they used or drank with, as well as avoiding certain parts of town maybe where using took place. If someone in treatment made sure to soak up all the information available to them and use the resources that were there, they will surely not end up as another negative statistic, a person who is represented by a number, a number showing those who were really not there while in treatment and went back out.

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