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5 Reasons why you should enjoy your Pink Cloud

on Monday, 26 January 2015. Posted in Breaking News

Recovery can often be a lot of hard work, but the good news is that there are going to be some good moments too. As your body heals, detoxifies, and recalibrates back to normal, you may find there are moments where you enjoy life as never before.

You have been working hard, and seeing your work pay off, and seeing little evidences that things are becoming hopeful, and this can make you feel really good. Often, it may be tempting for people to look down and criticize you for being on an unrealistic "pink cloud" experience, but the truth is that your good emotions need to be enjoyed.

Here are some reasons you should not be consumed with worries your joy is unrealistic, and simply learn to enjoy being on a pink cloud.

1) Sober life really is better

Addiction overtakes your life, and causes you to spend a lot of your days in a drug-induced haze. While under the influence, there is a lot of wonderful things in the world that you missed. Much of the joy of a pink cloud is coming from an appreciation of how much pleasure there is in normal life. If you could only of enjoy music, nature, physical activity or friends under the influence, there is a lot of pleasure that you are missing, that you know have the opportunity to enjoy as a full, sober experience.

2) Emotional healing means listening to all your emotions, both bad and good

Addiction stunts your emotional well being, and so a big part of healing is learning how to practice mindfulness, and become aware of what's going on within you. This means learning how to listen to your emotions and recognize what they are, learning to be at peace feeling whatever you are feeling. Although some times it may be tempting for some people to think a negative emotion is more "real" then a positive one, the truth is that all your feelings are a part of you, and need to be listened to.

3) It won't last forever

The truth is that sobriety is often hard. It is not going to be easy all the time, and will involve times of struggle. There are many moments of stress, of having to deal with hard feelings. But that should not discourage you from enjoying your pink cloud moments. On the contrary, it is with an awareness that hard times will come that you should be able to appreciate a break from them.

4) You need the encouragement

If fully appreciated, times of good feelings can give you the hope that recovery is possible. When things get hard, you need to know that you aren't stuck in that place forever. The promise of relief and resolution from your internal tensions can be a powerful incentive to learn how to keep going when times are tough. When you are experiencing good, light times, think of it has making a deposit in an emotional bank, that will be of great support in times where light might be harder to see.

5) The biggest danger of a pink cloud is that you will become careless and take it for granted

Negative emotions like fear, worry, or anger carry with them dangers of relapse if they are not acknowledged and resolved. However, positive emotions can also be dangerous as well. In particular, there is the danger you will simply learn to coast on your good feelings, thinking sobriety will always feel this good and be this easy, and that will make you stop with the disciplined work of recovery.

However, a full appreciation of your good feelings should realize they did not in fact fall of the sky, but are the product of a lot of hard work on your part. You made it here fighting very hard, working to kick your addiction, doing what you needed to do to get your life back. If you realize that the pink cloud is part of your recovery process, and not something that comes automatically, it can be a useful tool, rather then a pitfall.


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