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Top 5 Reasons Sobriety Allows You to Lead a Life of Integrity

on Tuesday, 17 March 2015. Posted in Breaking News

Making the decision to change your life and quit an addiction is one of the hardest choices to make but in the end it is one of the most rewarding things you will ever experience. Going through recovery allows you to learn important life lessons that can make you a better person and allow you to enjoy living in a way you never have before.

A life of integrity is something that is almost impossible to attain while you have an addiction. Substance abuse leads to lying and deceitfulness which can ruin relationships and tear families apart.

Recovering from an addiction means living a more honest life and being accountable to others. These are some of the ways that sobriety can help you lead a better life.

You Must Be Honest with Yourself
While people suffer from addiction they can become deeply in denial about what they do. They may refuse to acknowledge that they have a problem and be unable to face reality.An addict will lie to themselves about their behavior and cannot see how much they are hurting the people around them.

Sobriety allows you to become more self-aware and have a clearer view of your faults and mistakes so that you can learn from them. There is no way to succeed in recovery if you are still in denial but being sober gives you the ability to always be honest with yourself.

You Must Be Open with Others
An addict will not only lie to themselves but they will be blatantly dishonest with others. This is usually because they are trying to hide their disease and avoid any situation which would require them to stop.

They will do anything to continue engaging in their addictive behavior and this can mean lying, isolating themselves, and disregarding other people's feelings. In recovery, sober people learn to stop hiding and must be more open to the people around them. Sobriety means being more closely connected to others and being honest with them at all times.

You Become Accountable
Being more honest with yourself and others means always being held accountable for your actions. Instead of inventing an excuse or being secretive about what you do, as a sober person you must be more responsible for your actions.

People need to know where you are and what you are doing. Being accountable for what you do allows you to be more truthful and sincere with the people closest to you.

You Provide Service to Others
One very important aspect of recovery is learning to help others and being someone they can rely on. When you provide a service to others and teach them to recover then you must be an example for them.

This means always practicing what you preach and living the life you want to live so that you are not being a hypocrite in your advice. You must live with integrity to be a mentor or part of sober support network because people are counting on you to be there for them.

You Work Toward Personal Goals
Recovery can help become more goal oriented and give them the motivation to challenge themselves. A sober person will continue to work hard to become the best version of their self and lead their ideal life.

Complacency can lead to stagnation and relapse but personal growth can be the foundation of sobriety. A sober person continues to live with integrity as they work to improve themselves and be the best person they can. Working on become a better person can allow you to always live a life of integrity.


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