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5 of the Best Affirmations for Alcoholics

on Monday, 06 October 2014. Posted in Breaking News

Affirmations are true statements, but sometimes a person needs to be reminded of that truth. By repeating affirmations multiple times throughout the day, it reinforces the idea and reminds a person that it is true.

Affirmations and positive self-talk reach into the subconscious and help to break unhealthy habits and negative thought processes, including those contributing to a person's alcohol problem. Affirmations can be anything that speaks to the person and keeps him or her on the road to recovery. Affirmations work best if they have some sort of personal meaning. The following five are the best affirmations for alcoholics.

One Day at a Time

Probably one of the most famous affirmations, and widely associated with Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), one day at a time is one of the best affirmations for alcoholics. It reminds a person that recovery is a journey, and does not happen all at once. It also reminds them to enjoy the present moment, rather than worrying about the past or the future. Some people also use the phrase one step at a time or other variations.

The Serenity Prayer

Another famous affirmation largely associated with AA is the serenity prayer. Although there are a few versions, the most common one is "God, grant me the serenity to accept what cannot be changed, the courage to change what can be changed, and the wisdom to know the difference." Although this prayer is longer than many affirmations, it is important because it reminds people about both the power they have to change and the importance of letting go.

I Am Strong Enough to Overcome Any Challenge

This affirmation, or similar phrases, reminds a person that he or she has the power within to overcome the addiction. It also reminds a person that any tough challenges he or she faces, whether a fight with a loved one, a bad day at work, or the temptation to drink, can be overcome. Many people with an alcohol problem have issues with self-esteem and self worth, so it is important to remind them that they are strong enough.

I am Beautiful Inside and Out

This phrase is another important affirmation for many alcoholics. Alcoholism can cause people to feel shame, worthless, and otherwise have a low self-worth. Some people have these feelings before they started drinking, and their low self-esteem might have caused their drinking. Continually telling oneself that you are beautiful can be powerful, and will improve a person's self worth. This can lead to believing that they are worth being loved by others.

I am Loved

Drug and alcohol problems can cause a person to damage many relationships. Additionally, the self-esteem problems fueling or caused by a drinking problem can make a person feel unloved--and not worthy of love. Daily reminding that you are loved can help a person remember that it is true. It is not just the love of spouses, romantic partners, family members, and friends that is important; it is also self-love and the love of a higher power, if a person believes in one.

By using these affirmations, or variations on the themes, a person can regain control over his or her problem and find peace. It is an important component of a treatment program. These affirmations may be simple, but by repeating them several times during the day, every day, a person's outlook on life can change. This can help provide strength to continue the journey of recovery and avoid a relapse.

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