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5 Drinking Patterns That Suggest You Have a Problem With Alcohol

on Tuesday, 03 June 2014. Posted in Breaking News, Alcohol

5 Drinking Patterns That Suggest You Have a Problem With Alcohol

There is a major difference between drinking “normally” just for recreational and social situations and having a real drinking addiction. The problem is that many drinkers can’t tell when they have crossed the line into the realm of true alcoholism because of the power of denial and self-delusion.

For some people they may not even know much about the signs of alcoholism and fail to recognize that their behavior is becoming a problem. In order to understand whether your drinking habits are still in a healthy range or whether you are developing an addiction you should look for these signs and see a professional if you think you are suffering from alcoholism.

1. Blacking Out from Heavy Drinking

One of the earliest signs of alcoholism is a habit of drinking heavily to the point of blacking out or having no recollection of the events that occurred while intoxicated. Some people may pass out from too many drinks and be unable to move or speak.

This means that you have surpassed the level of a healthy and normal amount of alcohol.  If this seems to happen on a regular basis then it could mean that you are not only drinking too excessively but you could be an alcoholic.

2. Drinking in Dangerous Situations

A person who is a normal drinker can remain responsible and in control even after having a few drinks. A person with an alcohol problem might begin to drink in dangerous situations such as while driving.

Even driving under the influence can be a very dangerous habit and lead to a serious accident. If you find yourself always driving home while drunk or getting involved in risky behavior then you could be an alcoholic.

3. Unable to Stop Drinking

A person who can minimize their drinking and keep it at a safe level will be able to stop after one or two drinks and call it a night.

A person with an alcohol problem will never feel that they’ve had enough and will continue to drink until the point of blacking out. If you try to limit yourself on the amount of drinks you have and end up drinking far more than you intended then this is a clear sign of an addiction.

4. Changing Demeanor or Becoming Violent

If someone seems to act like a different person every time they drink then this is a pattern that can indicate addiction. When your friends begin telling you that get more angry and emotional when you drink then you should begin to feel concerned.

This is especially an issue for people that become violent and end up getting in fights while drinking. This can be another dangerous type of situation that can escalate if the behavior continues.

5. Drinking Alone and Hiding

One of the phases of alcoholism is becoming more secretive and isolated from friends. A person who drinks too much too often might start to drink alone so that friends and family will not see how much they engage in this behavior. Normal drinking is meant to be social, just having one or two with a group of friends is okay but regularly drinking alone could mean that you are developing an alcohol addiction.

Any one of these patterns could mean that you have passed the line beyond normal drinking and are becoming an alcoholic. If you have noticed a few of these signs in your own drinking habits then you should seek help for your addiction. The first step is realizing you have a problem but it is only possible to recover and quit if you seek help from others for your alcoholism.  

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