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5 Benefits of Giving Up Alcohol

on Thursday, 04 June 2015. Posted in Breaking News

When you make the decision to quit drinking you might focus on how difficult it will be and all that you are giving up by turning away from alcoholism. Even though there will be some tough times ahead, you can also look forward to many positive things that you will gain by quitting alcohol.There are numerous benefits to giving up drinking that will make the whole experience worthwhile.

Sometimes when you are really struggling with your efforts to become sober, it can be helpful to think of all the positive things you are experiencing by eliminating alcohol from your life. Staying away from drinking can improve your life in so many ways including physical, mental and spiritual well-being. Here are some of the many benefits of giving up alcohol.

Better Physical Health and More Energy
As most people know, alcohol is a toxin that can really run down your body and destroy your physical health. Once you give up alcohol, you are allowing your body a chance to recover from all the damage and your liver can repair itself. You will begin to see an improvement in your appearance with better looking, more hydrated skin. Most people experience a boost in their energy because their body is receiving more nutrients and vitamins from food giving them more sustained energy throughout the day.

Stable Moods and More Positive Feelings
Along with improved physical health, most people also feel much better mentally when they are sober. Once you have gone through all the symptoms of withdrawal you might find that your moods are more stable and you experience happy feelings more often. Alcohol is a depressant and can cause dramatic shifts in mood that can negatively affect a person's mental health. Sobriety can make it so that your lows are not quite as low and you are no longer riding the rollercoaster of emotion that went along with alcoholism.

No More Hiding, Guilt or Embarrassment
Alcoholics often live in fear of people seeing the full extent of their disease so they resort to hiding or covering up the truth. Once you are sober you can be more honest with people and no longer worry about having to keep your lies straight. You can also relieve yourself of some of the guilt and shame that you carried around with you because of your disease. It can be a great feeling to no longer worry about what you did the night before or have to apologize for your drunken behavior.

Saving Money and Reducing Financial Problems
Addictions can often lead to excessive spending and even serious debt for some people who lose all their money to substance abuse. Alcohol can be expensive and for a heavy drinker, spending all that money on booze is not good for finances. Once you quit drinking you will find that you are able to save money and be more in control of your financial situation. You can spend all the money you save on something more important than alcohol.

More Free Time and Self-Improvement
When you have an addiction, most of your time and energy go into fueling your substance problem. Alcoholics will spend the majority of the day either drinking or recovering from drinking, leaving little time and energy to do more productive things.

Once you are sober you will find that your time opens up and you will be able to get involved in more activities, hobbies and projects. You can spend this extra free time on improving yourself in ways that you never could when you were drinking. You can exercise, take classes, spend more time with your family or just take more time for yourself.


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