4.5 Kilos of Heroin Found On Plane

on Thursday, 28 June 2012. Posted in Breaking News, Heroin

heroin smuggling operation

A Pakistan International Airlines plane was found to be carrying some extra cargo, and airport staff members are the prime suspects.

About 4.5 kilograms of heroin was discovered onboard the plane by the customs Drug Enforcement Cell Wednesday. The drugs were hidden inside the paneling of the toilets, wrapped in plastic bags.

Customs Spokesperson, Qamar Thalho, knows the hiding spot very well. “This has happened a hundred times,” he says. “About 20 years ago, it used to be gold that we used to find in the toilets …and now we see that it’s mostly heroin being smuggled in the toilet compartments.”

Authorities are looking at staff members as suspects in this attempted smuggling operation. “No third party has access to the plane in the hanger or on the runway, which means that the heroin could only be put in by a staff member,” Thalho said.

Employees who do repairs and maintenance on the planes are the most suspected. They would have the most access to the planes structure.

According to Thalho, the smuggling attempts are made pretty often and he says some attempts are pretty bold. “We’ve seen even smuggling goods being brought in through catering trays.”

An investigation will be opened to help determine which, if any, employee was involved in the smuggling attempt.

Thalho explained that they will first look at the employees who were working in the hanger when the plane was present. They will then be able to figure out who had access to the plane. All the potential players will face interrogation to determine who was involved.

With more attempts being made to smuggle drugs in, customs agents have their hands full. Traffickers are becoming more skilled at hiding the drugs, but in this case the drugs were easily located.

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