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20 Year Old Dies From Methadone Overdose

on Tuesday, 26 June 2012. Posted in Breaking News, Methadone

methadone overdose death

An investigation has been launched after a young woman from Annapolis Valley died due to a prescription methadone overdose.

Katanna MacDonald, who was just 20 years old, was taken to Valley Regional Hospital Monday after she overdosed on methadone. After several days on life support, the family made the difficult decision Thursday to pull the plug.

Jim MacDonald, Katanna’s father, received the devastating news that his daughter was found unresponsive in her home. Katanna did not have a prescription for the methadone, and her father was told by one of her friends that she had bought the drug from someone in Aylesford.

Her family hopes that police will conduct an investigation to find out who sold the drug to their daughter and bring them to justice.

MacDonald has very strong opinions about the drug, and at a Thursday night board meeting he voiced his concerns. He is passionate about informing others just how dangerous the drug can be.

“They are killing our children and devastating our community,” said MacDonald, as he spoke out against the methadone programs.

According to Const. Blair MacMurtey, police are currently working on an investigation that will help determine if any other circumstance or criminal activity was involved with the death.

Many members of the community have shown their support for the family, and some can even relate to the death. There have been a number of deaths due to overdose in the community over the past couple of years, including a 21 year old man who died from an overdose of alcohol and prescription painkillers. Many local residents are pushing to raise awareness of the growing problem.

Amy Grave’s, who lost her brother to an overdose, has even started a facebook page, ‘Get Prescription Drugs off the Street’ to raise awareness. Graves, along with others, feel that methadone programs should be monitored and controlled much tighter than they currently are. With many patients permitted to take home up to a week’s worth of methadone, it seems too easy for the drug to make its way to the wrong hands.

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