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10 Things You Didn't Know Where Possible Before Recovery

on Wednesday, 19 November 2014. Posted in Breaking News

10 Things You Didn't Know Where Possible Before Recovery

Many addicts do not believe they are strong enough to overcome their problem, and so they never actually seek treatment. For many, they remain in denial that they even have a problem, and continue to engage in destructive behavior. However, once you have gone through recovery, you learn that there are things in life that are possible that you never thought were.

You Can Have Fun Sober

For many addicts, social anxieties and insecurities have led them to use alcohol or drugs as a way to ease into social situations and have fun. However, once you have gone through recovery, you will learn that there are more ways to have fun than getting drunk or high at a party.

It is Possible to Save Money

Whether your addiction was to legal substances or illegal ones, it was still most likely costly. Once you no longer spend all that money indulging your addiction, you will find you can easily save up money for that long awaited trip, a big screen TV, or a new pair of shoes.

You Can Have Meaningful Relationships

Drugs and alcohol abuse often gets in the way of developing meaningful relationships. Additionally, drug or alcohol addiction often occurs due to self-medicating an emotional or psychological problem. An important aspect of recovery is also learning to manage your emotional turmoil, which can help you to be able to open up and build more meaningful relationships.

You Can Deal with Stress

When people live with chronic stress due to work or personal life, they often turn to drugs or alcohol to help take the edge off. Once you learn to overcome your addiction and learn healthy stress management techniques, you will be amazed to learn that you do not need alcohol and drugs to handle stress.

You Don't Have to Fear Emotions

Many people fear actually confronting and overcoming strong emotions. Instead, they suppress them and learn to numb their feelings through drugs or alcohol. Once you go through recovery, you will learn that you can manage your emotions, and that negative emotions are not always the enemy.

You Learn to Love Yourself

Many drugs and alcohol problems stem from a low-self esteem or self-worth. The shame from dealing with a problem often makes these feelings even worse. Once you learn to overcome your habits and go through recovery, you will learn that you can actually love yourself.

You Can Succeed at Work

Many people with drugs and alcohol problems struggle to succeed at work due to their addiction causing them to be absent and less productive than their peers. Once you overcome your addiction, you will find your productivity -- and confidence -- improve, and you might just finally get that dream job you never though was possible.

You Can be Healthy

Although you may not notice your health declining while on drugs and alcohol, you will notice a difference in your health once you are sober. You will have more energy, more focus, a clearer mind, and a healthier body. Once you have been through recovery, you will be able to do things you never though possible, such as running a marathon or engaging in regular exercise.

Food Actually Tastes Good

Many addictive substances, including alcohol, can alter a person's taste buds. Once you no longer drink or do drugs, you can find that eating has a newfound joy to it.

You Don't Actually Need Drugs or Alcohol

When you are in the midst of an addiction problem, your body has a physical and often emotional dependence on your substance or substances of choice. Once you have gone through withdrawal and learn how to manage cravings, you will be amazed to discover that you actually do not need drugs or alcohol.

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