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10 Questions To Ask Yourself If You Are Looking For Recovery

on Tuesday, 18 November 2014. Posted in Breaking News

Before you enter a recovery program, you should ask yourself these ten questions to help you find the right treatment program for your unique situation. This will facilitate your research into addiction treatment facilities for a better recovery and reduce your risk relapse.


What type of treatment do you need?

Before you search for recovery programs, you should consider what type of treatment you need, such as whether you need just substance abuse treatment, or if you require dual diagnosis treatment (treatment for co-occurring conditions, such as depression with drug addiction).

Do you need inpatient or outpatient services?

Addiction treatment can be done through a residential rehab facility, intensive outpatient services, or just weekly therapy. You have to decide upon the intensity you want out of a program based on your situation, but most people receive the best help through an intensive treatment program.

What types of therapeutic modalities do you want?

Although most treatment facilities follow similar treatment protocols, you want to find one that uses a treatment philosophy with which you agree. Some focus on psychotherapy, including cognitive behavioral therapy, while others might focus more on detoxification and assisting you through the 12-steps of recovery.

Where do you want to go through rehab?

There are treatment facilities throughout the country in both urban and rural environments. Many people choose to go to rehab away from home so they can focus solely on their treatment and recovery, while others want or need to stay close to home. You have to decide what location would work best for your situation.

Do you want a holistic approach to treatment?

Some of the best treatment programs include a holistic approach, which includes learning coping mechanisms, stress relief techniques, how to live a healthy lifestyle, and more. These programs often offer yoga, meditation, exercise opportunities, nutritional counseling, and other classes in addition to group and individual psychotherapy to provide a more well rounded recovery.

What kind of detox do you need?

There are different approaches to handling withdrawal, including medically assisted, cold turkey, or natural detox that uses vitamins and minerals. You have to decide which type of detox works best for you, and find a center specializing in that type of detox.

What is your financial situation?

With the affordable care act, behavioral health now falls under the ten services insurance companies must cover, making rehab more affordable than ever. However, the individual benefits differ depending on the insurance plan. You will have to figure out your budget, including your insurance benefits, to ensure you remain within budget when selecting your facility.

Do you want a dedicated facility?

Some facilities are dedicated to one specific demographic, such as gender, age group, of type of behavioral health problem. Other facilities treat several types of patients. Therefore, you have to decide what type of specialization you want from a facility.

Do you want medical staff?

Detox can be unpleasant, and sometimes life threatening. Some facilities have 24-hour medical staff to ensure that nothing goes wrong during detox, and throughout the program. You will have to consider whether you want a facility with an in-house medical staff, including a physician, or if you do not feel that is necessary.

Do you want family involvement?

Some facilities welcome the involvement of a person's family and loved ones, and even offer family programs that complement the addiction treatment. You will have to decide whether this is something you feel will benefit your situation.

When you research facilities, you will need to narrow down the list by asking yourself these question and finding a facility that meets your need. Do not forget to check that it is licensed and accredited to treat addiction.

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