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5 Experiences that Happen in Early Sobriety

on Wednesday, 12 November 2014.

Early sobriety is a time of major chafe and transformation. Most recovering addicts find that everything they have ever thought or believed comes into question when they are first sober and able to see with some clarity for the first time in what may be a while.

Realities Of Mixing Prescriptions With Other Substances

on Tuesday, 11 November 2014.

When you are prescribed various medications, you will be given an information sheet detailing the potential risks and side effects, as well as substances to avoid. Even consuming some herbal supplements, over the counter medication, or small quantities of alcohol while taking certain medications can cause significant health problems, including death.

5 Tips For A Healthy Relationship in Recovery

on Tuesday, 11 November 2014.

It has often been said that relationships are work, and, as anyone who has begun the process of recovery knows, so is getting sober. Overcoming the challenges presented by sobriety and by the life long process that is recovery requires dedication and compassion toward one's self.

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