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Top 5 Fears Faced in Addiction Treatment

on Monday, 29 December 2014.

Seeking recovery from addiction will necessitate huge transformation over all areas of your life. Facing something so big, it is normal to feel fear, trepidation, and worry. Fear can be among one of the hardest emotions to overcome, but it can helped significantly by gaining the support of others, and becoming aware that you are not alone.

Battling the Early Struggles of Drug Addiction Recovery

on Monday, 29 December 2014.

Recovery is a difficult but life-saving process of learning how to live without using a drug to which you have become addicted. For a whole host of interconnected physical and psychological reasons, you have come to a place where you want to fight against those strong cravings, and break the habits of using.

Holiday Meetings become more important than ever for Recovery

on Monday, 29 December 2014.

The winter holidays can often be a stressful time, with friends, family and religious communities breaking with their normal schedules for special celebrations and parties. People sometimes take time for traveling and visiting each other, as well as spending more time in shopping, decorating, volunteering, and lots of other special and time-consuming tasks.

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