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Why Protecting Anonymity is Extremely Important

on Thursday, 15 January 2015.

The tradition of maintaining anonymity in recovery dates back 76 years to when Alcoholics Anonymous first began. It continues to be a major part of the 12 step group today. The purpose of protecting anonymity is to make members of the group feel safe and to create an environment where all individuals are equal.

5 Reasons you may be Dependent on Alcohol

on Thursday, 15 January 2015.

Not everyone who consumes alcohol has issues with alcohol dependence. Plenty of people are able to drink in moderation, without many ill effects on their physical or mental health, and they are able to stop drinking if their behavior ever becomes harmful or creates negative consequences.

Cutting back on Alcohol for a Lower Risk of Dementia

on Thursday, 15 January 2015.

Dementia is a serious and often very painful condition that claims the memories and limits the functioning of an elderly person's brain. There is currently no known cure for this disease that can severely limit a person's ability to interact with others or have awareness of the surrounding world.

What Coffee Does to the Brain

on Wednesday, 14 January 2015.

Coffee addicts know just how important it is to get that first (and second, and third...) cup of coffee in the morning before getting started with the day. Having that cup helps you to not only wake up, but also feel like a normal, functioning human being. But how does it work? There is a scientific explanation for how coffee gives you energy and it all has to do with the chemicals in your brain.

5 Ways to Accomplish Your Goals This Year

on Wednesday, 14 January 2015.

It's easy to get caught up in the excitement and optimistic energy of the new year and make resolutions that you may not be able to keep. Now that we're well into January, it's time to take a look back and see where you are with those resolutions.

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