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Keith Ford's Parents Speak Out on the Suspension of their Son

on Thursday, 07 May 2015.

The running back for the Oklahoma Sooners, Keith Ford, was recently suspended indefinitely for academic and team rules violations. The day after his suspension Ford's parents, Keith and Mary, spoke out by releasing a statement via the Tulsa World regarding their son's current position in the Oklahoma University football team. While his parent's respect the decision of Sooners Coach Stoops, they believe that their son's behavior has been uncharacteristic of him and is mostly related to a recent injury from which he never fully recovered.

Why Self-Medication Can Start a Circle of Drug Addiction

on Thursday, 07 May 2015.

Emotional and mental struggles always play an important role in why people become addicted and why they continue to abuse substances in spite of the consequences. People with addictions might not realize that their problem is one of self-medication. Any time they feel stressed out, depressed or anxious they reach for a drink or use a particular drug to relax or ease their emotional distress.

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