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Articles in Category: Breaking News

Will A Push For Patients' Privacy Get In The Way Of Addiction Recovery And Research?

on Friday, 05 June 2015.

In 2013, the Department of Health and Human Services abruptly removed researchers' access to data on Medicare and Medicaid patients. The newly restricted data was specifically related to patients with substance abuse problems. This recent restriction on data has many researchers worried their future efforts to study substance abuse disorders will be seriously limited.

5 Benefits of Giving Up Alcohol

on Thursday, 04 June 2015.

When you make the decision to quit drinking you might focus on how difficult it will be and all that you are giving up by turning away from alcoholism. Even though there will be some tough times ahead, you can also look forward to many positive things that you will gain by quitting alcohol. There are numerous benefits to giving up drinking that will make the whole experience worthwhile.

Is Steroid Addiction Increasing Police Brutality?

on Thursday, 04 June 2015.

As of the time of this writing (May, 2015) news reports are consumed with controversy over high profile incidents in many U.S. cities where unarmed people were met with alleged excessive force.While the causes and solutions to police brutality and misunderstanding are complex and multifaceted, some journalists have suggested a link related to substance abuse.

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