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Scott Storch Recovers From Cocaine Addiction

on Tuesday, 17 June 2014.

Scott Storch Recovers From Cocaine Addiction

Famed music producer Scott Stortch has been reported to be in jail and, at times, even dead over the last several years. After publicly battling cocaine addiction and then relapsing after spending time in rehab, the producer has come out of his private life and announced that he is keeping a lower profile after struggling with a serious cocaine addiction that led him to lose virtually everything he owned, including almost all of a thirty million dollar fortune. 

Ray Charles’s Daughter To Sing And Speak About Addiction Recovery

on Monday, 16 June 2014.

Ray Charles’s Daughter To Sing And Speak About Addiction Recovery

Sheila Raye Charles is one of the singer’s 12 children and she too went down the path of addiction for years before finally experiencing recovery.She is traveling to a number of venues including churches and prisons across the country to speak about her experiences with addiction while singing and performing some of Ray Charles’ music as well. Sheila is now living a more successful sober life after recovering from her issues of drug abuse.

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