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Implementing Early Sobriety Coping Skills

on Saturday, 27 September 2014.

During the early stages of recovery, it can be difficult to remain sober and not use the chosen substance of abuse, whether drugs or alcohol. There are numerous coping strategies a person might use, which can all fall into three main categories, cognitive, emotional and behavioral.

An Explanation Of Alcoholic Delirium Tremens

on Wednesday, 24 September 2014.

Alcohol is considered by many addiction experts to be one of the most difficult
to withdraw from. For this reason, it is always advised that a person who is addicted to alcohol go through the process of detoxing while under the supervision of a qualified medical staff.

Health Canada Changes Labeling for Prescription Narcotics

on Wednesday, 24 September 2014.

As prescription drug abuse and addiction continues to be a growing problem that plagues states across the U.S.A., many state and local governments have taken steps to attempt to reduce the number of people suffering major health risks and even death as a result of dependence on pills like opiates. It seems that the U.S.'s neighbor to the north, Canada, is the most recent region to take a strong stand in the fight against prescription drug addiction.

Chinese Boy’s Alcohol Addiction A Scary Reality

on Wednesday, 24 September 2014.

Proving that no one is too young to suffer from alcoholism, Cheng Cheng, a two year old boy in China has sparked quite a bit of concern after pictures of him drinking alcohol have surfaced. The boy's parents, who are under investigation by local authorities, report that he is in fact addicted to alcohol, and that he can drink as much as a bottle of beer without any noticeable effects.

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