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Articles in Category: Intervention Questions

John from St. Louis, MO writes:

on Thursday, 19 July 2012.

John, writes:
I am concerned that my 13 year old daughter is using drugs. What are the behavioral signs of drug use?

Cindy, writes:
John, the behavioral signs of drug abuse can vary. For example, someone who uses Marijuana may eat more often, sleep more often, appear unmotivated and may even have mood swings.

Jessica from Atlanta, GA writes:

on Monday, 16 July 2012.

Jessica, writes:
Cindy, 2 months ago my husband received a 3 week Oxycontin prescription to deal the pain of a back injury. Because he still suffered from pain and no longer had Oxycontin, he began using Heroin. He sleeps all day and his behavior is erratic. What can I do to help?

Cindy, writes:
Jessica, opiate abuse is a serious problem. First, your husband must undergo a detoxification process to relieve him of withdrawal symptoms. Because detox alone is not treatment for drug addiction he will then have to enter a residential treatment program so that he can learn how to return to a more stable and productive life.

Olivia from West Memphis, AR writes:

on Monday, 16 July 2012.

Olivia, writes:
Cindy, Evan my 19 year old son will be discharged from the hospital tomorrow. He checked in following a near fatal Heroin overdose. I am very concerned about his continued use and do not think it is a good idea for him to return home so soon. Any suggestions?

Cindy, writes:
Olivia, Evan should not return home so quickly as it is the same environment where he used Heroin. The detox process is the first stage of treatment, which is occurring at the hospital. Rather than return home Evan should check into a residential treatment center to address the issues that cause and trigger his Heroin use.

Jennifer from Sacramento , CA writes:

on Monday, 16 July 2012.

Jennifer, writes:
Cindy, yesterday we found what turned out to be Cocaine in my daughter Sarah’s room. Now that I think of it, Sarah is suddenly very argumentative, barely sleeps, and is very anti-social. You should also know that her father and I separated 6 months ago, approximately when the changes occurred. What can I do?

Cindy, writes:
Jennifer, it is clear that Sarah is having a difficult time with acclimating to the separation. She is acting out and avoiding her feelings by using Cocaine. The best course of action is a residential treatment program. Sarah’s Cocaine use be addressed through individual, group, and family therapy. Hang on, it only gets better from here.

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