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Articles in Category: Intervention Questions

Cameron from Los Angeles, CA writes:

on Thursday, 19 July 2012.

Cameron, writes:
Cindy, how long should I stop drinking to get rid of my dependence?

Cindy, writes:
Cameron, when you have just stopped drinking, you think about it often, but those thoughts will stop gradually. It is hard to say how long it takes. People who drink a lot get used to alcohol. They need more each time to still feel the effects. To stop drinking breaks off that habituation, but if you start drinking again, you redevelop it very quickly.

Blake from Richmond, VA writes:

on Thursday, 19 July 2012.

Blake, writes:
Cindy, I have a brother, a mother and a father that I am estranged from because of their alcoholism and the resulting behavior. My question is, why do people drink?

Cindy, writes:
Blake, people drink for various reasons. Some of the top reasons are: to socialize better; because of the taste; to get intoxicated; peer pressure; and, to forget problems.

Evan from Columbia, SC writes:

on Thursday, 19 July 2012.

Evan, writes:
Cindy, as a teenager I struggled with substance abuse. In fact, I was in and out of rehab for years before I became willing to quit. My question is, should I be concerned that my 14 year will develop a problem; is alcoholism hereditary?

Cindy, writes:
Emily, the verdict is still out as to whether alcoholism is hereditary. Although, research tends to show that children of alcohol-dependent parents run a higher risk of developing an alcohol problem than other children.

Emily from New York, NY writes:

on Thursday, 19 July 2012.

Emily, writes:
Cindy, I found a needle in my son’s room and what resembles Heroin. Clearly I need to seek treatment for my son. My question concerns Methadone, as that term has been coming up quite a bit as I’ve researched detox programs for him. Is Methadone maintenance a necessary component of recovery?

Cindy, writes:
Emily, Methadone maintenance is not necessary. With that said, research has demonstrated that Methadone maintenance treatment is an effective treatment for heroin and prescription narcotic addiction.

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