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Night of Booze, Drugs, and Babysitting Leaves One Dead, Another Convicted of Murder

on Tuesday, 10 April 2012. Posted in Alcohol

Brian Bradshaw was sentenced to life in prison, for killing a man he barely knew while babysitting his children and two others.  According to, at the time of the murder, two years ago, Bradshaw lived with the mother of his children and her brother, Sean Merritt.  Merritt had a childhood friend over, who brought a bottle of whiskey to enjoy the evening.  The mother of Bradshaw’s two children was working, and the father was home with his two children.  In addition, there were two other children spending the night, while the three men hung out and got drunk and high.  ”While cooking , cleaning, and bathing the children in assembly line fashion, the three men consumed ecstasy, ground-up Klonopin pills, beer, and whiskey,” according to testimony.

Bradshaw had argued with the deceased numerous times, but it was dismissed because “it wasn’t that serious.”   The killing occurred after one of the children woke up.  The deceased told the child to shut up and go back to bed, Bradshaw was enraged and felt the comment was disrespectful.  The two men went into the garage to cool off, when Merritt heard an aluminum baseball bat smash into the head of the deceased victim.  The man began having convulsions, and Bradshaw returned to the kitchen for a steak knife, and shoved it into the back of the neck of the dying man.  Bradshaw told police he stabbed the man to put him out of his misery.  A forensic pathologist said that the bat wound was not fatal, but the knife wound severed his spinal cord.  Bradshaw and Merritt then disposed of the body.

Both men turned themselves in before the body was found.  Merritt’s confession led investigators to the body.  Bradshaw’s attorneys argued that it was not a premeditated crime, but the fact that he went back inside for the steak knife was his fatal flaw.  Now, Bradshaw is sentenced to life in prison, and Merritt is also serving time for helping his friend get rid of the body.

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