Eastern Michigan University President Has An Alcohol Problem?

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Eastern Michigan University President Has An Alcohol Problem

During a recent alumni event in Washington, DC, Eastern Michigan University president Susan Martin became rather angry during a conversation with an alum. She was so angry that most questioned whether the “conversation” was an argument due to the fact that she used so many choice words.

In fact, it was later revealed that Susan Martin had been drinking prior to, and even during, the high profile event which many, particularly the Board of Regents at Eastern Michigan University, believe was the reason that the argument took place. Meanwhile, reports reveal that this was not the first time that Martin has been involved in a less than diplomatic situation that was preceded by alcohol.

In 2005 Eastern Michigan University President Susan Martin was stopped by police, cited and arrested for suspicion of driving under the influence. Based on the incident report taken on the evening of the arrest, Martin explained to the arresting officer that she was not only responsible for ensuring he receive his check but also that the police chief should be called and instead of being arrested, her expectation was to be driven home. At the time of the 2005 arrest Susan Martin was then the provost of Grand Valley State University.

As a result of the Freedom of Information Act sources were able to acquire the incident report regarding the 2005 arrest. The report further revealed that while searching for her car registration and proof of insurance Martin not only locked her keys in her vehicle trunk, but she also refused an initial request that she submit to a blood alcohol test.

Martin did eventually reconsider, at which time her blood alcohol level registered well over the legal limit.

Furthermore, the 2005 incident is particularly relevant due to the fact that it indicates that Martin engages in habitual behavior regarding alcohol. Apparently Martin has been warned about her drinking at EMU functions. Officials at EMU sent Martin a letter this week that prompted the embattled president to agree to seek counseling lest she risk termination of her post as president of the university.

Although Martin has been involved in a number of incidents in which overuse of alcohol has been implicated as the culprit, Martin vehemently denies that she has a problem with alcohol. In fact, regarding the most recent event in D.C. Martin brushed off the incident as having more to do with the fact that she did not eat before she began drinking alcohol than with alcoholism.

Before Martin was hired by Eastern Michigan University in 2008 she did apprise the university of the 2005 arrest on the Grand Valley State University campus. Regarding the 2005 incident, Martin pleaded guilty to operating her vehicle while in impaired.

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