Alcohol and Teens and the Internet

on Thursday, 14 June 2012. Posted in Breaking News, Alcohol

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With it becoming harder for underage drinkers to purchase alcohol from stores, many minors have turned to the internet as a source for their drink.

According to Serve Legal, which is an independent auditor of underage sales, there is an increase of underage drinkers purchasing alcohol online. Using of-age friends and family members to make the purchase, keeping alcohol out of the hands of minors is becoming more difficult. In fact, 42% of underage drinkers admit to using friends, family members, or others to obtain alcohol for them.

A report by Plymouth University showed that ID checks on secret shoppers were up from 55% (2007) to 71% (2010) in stores and bars across the country. This crackdown has led to an increased opportunity for online sellers, many of which have no clear age-check policy.

Online retailers should be well aware of the fact that despite retailers taking measures to prevent underage purchase, minors will turn to other resources to obtain alcohol. Ed Heaver, director of Serve Legal advised the online sellers to put a high priority on improving their age checking policies.

Now days, it is so easy to go online and find almost anything you need or want. With the growth of technology and the convenience of the internet, underage alcohol sales made online are a problem that cannot be overlooked.

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