Addiction Recovery

How Addiction Recovery Can Save Your Life

Substance addiction is no laughing matter. It can destroy your plans, gnaw through your relationships, and create long term and sometimes even irreparable damages to your loved ones' lives as well. Most of the time, those who are addicted to substances (alcohol, drugs, tobacco or otherwise) deny that they need help. Some people who have experienced one form of addiction or another have tried to overcome it on their own, and failed.

This is because addiction is triggered by uncontrollable emotions, and when you try to snap out of it without support, you may fall back into the pit at the slightest provocation. This is where addiction recovery can save your life. We can provide support for you so that you can keep up the will power you'll need to snap out of your substance addiction. Addiction recovery will also encourage your family and friends to be involved, to help them understand what you're going through and tell them what they need to do to help you out of your situation.

Recovering from addiction is not easy. Relapses can always happen, and when you're not committed to recovering from any form of addiction, it's always easier to slide back. What our addiction recovery programs do is to let you know that it's always your choice. If you want to get better, you will. Detoxifying your body from harmful chemicals is one thing. It's quite another to detoxify your mind and your soul.

Our programs will remind you of what you were living for before the addiction began. It will remind you that there are bigger and more important things in life you should face, and that the addiction is pulling you back from doing so many good things.

If you're not an addict yourself, and you suspect that someone you love has succumbed to substance addiction because they're going through a difficult time, addiction recovery can also help you understand him or her better. Many family members give up on someone who's addicted because they become frustrated with relapses. Some are just emotionally and physically tired, and they think that no form of therapy will work.

With addiction recovery, you'll know that it is still possible for your friend, mother, father, sibling, spouse or child to get back on his or her feet. Addiction recovery will let you see what went wrong with the first attempts, and how you can work on the treatments and the therapies again.

Addictions hurt not just the individuals who are suffering from it, but the people who are around him or her as well. If you give up on therapies and treatments because you didn't receive instant results, you'll regress and these regressions can be extremely painful both for the family and the one suffering from the addiction.

Our addiction recovery programs aim to guide you through treatment, step-by-step. If you're in the early stages of your recovery, we'll help you strengthen your will power so you'll have less chances of regressing. If you're currently in the regression stages, we have programs that can help you get back on the road to recovery so you can reclaim your sober life.

Choosing a Facility

Questions to Ask When Choosing an Addiction Recovery Program

If this is your first time seeking rehab, it is helpful to know which questions to ask when searching for possible programs. Recovery Now will guide you in making the most appropriate decision based on your needs.

When researching addiction recovery programs, consider the questions below to help guide you to making the most appropriate decision for treatment:

  1. Where is the facility located? Oftentimes facilities will urge you to travel out of your area to receive treatment. Consider the list of pros and cons below for traveling out of the area for treatment.

    Treatment out of the area-

    • PRO- Leaving the current surroundings will help an alcoholic or addict to focus on themselves rather than their familiar environment.
    • PRO- Going out of the area for rehab creates a mindset where a client is taking a journey for their recovery.
    • PRO- If the going gets tough in treatment, a distance between the home and the treatment facility might affect a person's decision to not give up and to stay in treatment.
    • CON- Going to an addiction recovery program out of the area puts distance between you and your loved ones. Most treatment programs offer a family component and a long distance could make it difficult for supportive family and friends to participate in the treatment program.
    • CON- Going to an addiction recovery program out of the area might make it difficult to return to the home environment. If you choose to go out of the area for treatment, it is crucial to make sure that the treatment facility has a discharge planning process which includes assistance in finding outpatient and Twelve Step Support systems for when you return home.
  2. Will the facility work with your health insurance company? If you have health insurance, please click here or scroll to the bottom of the page to access the complete Insurance Guidance Information page.
  3. What governing body is the treatment facility licensed through? All addiction recovery programs providing therapeutic services and treatment planning, must be licensed by a State governing body. If one of the facilities that you are considering is NOT part of the RecoveryNowTV network, then you will need to make sure that the facility is licensed through the state.
  4. Is the facility accredited? If so, what is the accreditation agency governing the facility? Accreditation is a true sign of a quality and safety assurance plan for a facility. While accreditation is not mandatory for a facility, it does provide a higher level of standards for a facility to adhere to. The two major accrediting bodies are The Joint Commission (JCAHO) and Commission on Accreditation of Addiction recovery Facilities (CARF). Both accrediting organizations ensure that the facility actively participates in rigorous quality and safety improvement protocols.
  5. What does a typical day entail? Ask the addiction recovery facility go through the daily schedule and feel free to ask questions of each item on the schedule. This will give you an understanding of all of the services offered. This will allow you to take full advantage of the treatment protocols being offered.
  6. What is the price of the treatment? Are there additional costs over and above the stated cost? Is there a daily rate? Is there an early termination policy?
  7. Is there an extended care program? When searching for a addiction recovery facility, if time and your schedule permits, it is recommended that you enter an extended care program or a structured sober living environment. This will ensure that the re-entry back into daily living is a safe transition. Many programs offer a step-down or sober living program which includes mandatory Twelve Step participation, curfews, and drug testing.
  8. Is there a program in place for relapse? It is important to know if the addiction recovery program will support you during a relapse. Many programs have relapse prevention or a refresher course in case of a relapse. Although many people do not want to consider readmitting to a treatment facility, it is important to know that your treatment program will support you if you have a relapse.

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